About Us

¿Who we are?

The Mexican Pharmaceutical Council (CFM) encompasses the main mexican investment  pharmaceutical laboratories, which are outstanding in terms of production capacity, innovation, research and development, and have believed in Mexico’s growth potential for over seven decades. Its objective is to give rise to middle and long term initiatives to boost health sciences innovation, to strengthen the pharmaceutical industry in Mexico, and to develop markets inside and out of the country.

Our mission:

To participate in the enhancement of health sciences in Mexico, as well as developing the strength, competitiveness and expansion of the Mexican pharmaceutical industry both inside and out of the country.

Our vision:

To be an institution that strives and takes action to develop health sciences in Mexico, as well as one that strengthens and expands the competitiveness of the Mexican pharmaceutical industry, both inside and out of the country.

A few accomplishments

Everyday we strive to contribute to the strengthening, competitiveness and growth of the Mexican pharmaceutical industry, both within and outside our borders. We’re proud of the milestones we’ve accomplished along our development.


High Quality standards

first place in 22 key sectors, and leaders of 9 others.


22% of prescriptions

made by private physicians nationwide.


An accumulated investment

of over 17,326,200,000 pesos.


Presence in over 40 countries

of Central and South America, USA and Europe, with an annual growth of over 50%.


13,910 jobs

10% of those generated in the sector, many of them being of a high level.


48 production plants in the country

13 en el extranjero certificadas por COFEPRIS y agencias de reconocimiento internacional FDA, Invima y Anmat

Countries where we have presence


Ricardo Del Olmo Hidalgo

[email protected]